One glass of milk can change a life.

Evolved from a childhood dream, Ace4milk is a foundation that provides basic nutrition to impoverished children in Colombia – one glass of milk at a time.

In tennis, an ace is a ball that is served with such force or strategic precision that is not returned by the opposing player resulting in winning a point. Growing up playing tennis in Bogota, I was trained to aim for aces every day. I took this mentality and used it in everyday life – striving for the best in everybody.

It was a summer in 1989 when I first realized my love for tennis. Most kids were sent to summer camp, but I attended tennis camp in the mountains north of Bogota. I remember watching the Ball boys play with homemade racquets built from various pieces of scrap wood – broken bed legs, branches, anything they could use to build a makeshift racquet. After they finished playing, each of them would carefully store their racquets in plastic bags. I was moved by the passion I saw in their eyes; this was more than just a sport to them. I shared many years with them, who not only instilled in me a love for the game, but invited me into their homes. They all lived in the same neighborhood, Casa Blanca, near the tennis courts. The neighborhood was dilapidated, but their hopeful, collective energy outshined the reality of their poverty. Their unity inspired me to help, but I was only able to offer my used clothing and racquets at the time. The joy I received from providing these families with what little I could far outweighed my charitable action of giving. This motivated me to establish the foundation, Ace4milk.

My two sons were born in 2008 and 2012. I quickly learned the importance of good nutrition, and, like all parents, wanted the best for my children.

Although milk is accessible to most families in the US, it is very difficult for impoverished Colombian families to provide this vitamin-rich nutrient to their children. Milk provides calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and protein, which are all essential for healthy bone growth and development. I am fortunate to be able to provide the nutritional needs my children’s growing bodies crave. And, now, Ace4milk allows for less fortunate parents to provide for their children, too.

Merging my 4 passions: family, real estate, tennis and arts, I created the concept of ModernLiving4all – affordable, modern housing for median-income families. Ace4milk is its charitable organization.

Please join me in providing basic nutrition to these underprivileged children.

Camilo Lopez


Camilo Lopez

Felipe Verswyvel

Carolina Beltran

Blanca Lopez



Today you have the power to become an ace, to help a kid grow healthier. It’s easy and you can find a donations that fits you better.